The A, B, C’s of solutions include
Academic Solutions the first of which was the Teen Money 101 series and Teen Money Entrepreneur, training young people in fiscal responsibility and entrepreneurship. Financial Literacy workshops are also run for adults, particularly women and retirees. The Academic Solutions division was developed in 2009.
We continue to evolve this area and have translated Teen Money 101 and 102 into Mandarin. The plan is to publish these as eBooks in the near future,
Business Solutions consulting has been the mainstay of TrireMIS Solutions thus far. This division has been in operation since TrireMIS was established in 2002.
We specialize in the following areas:
- Business Strategy
- Program Management Organizations (PMO)
- Delivery Management & Operations
- Organizational Change Management (OCM)
- Solution Selection & Implementation

Consumer Solutions of which Klip'em is the first major product. This product was conceptualized in 2013 with a debut date of May 2014. The wide appeal of the Klip'em leaves virtually no one out. It is adaptable to everything from special dressy events to sports and outdoor activities, as well as various uses in the home and in industry.

We believe that Klip’em will be a much loved product especially as we continue to listen to our customers and stay tuned to what works and areas where we can improve. As we grow, we invite you to grow with us. Our goal is to serve you and bring other exciting real life solutions to the market.

TrireMIS Solutions Services and Brands

We are a solutions company serving clients from students in academia with our Teen Money 101 book and instructor resources; providing business consulting services to small and large business; and the consumer with various products, beginning with our Klip’em, a newly invented fashion accessory to fashionably adjust garment lengths. Check out our brands’ websites and try our products. And stay tuned. There is more to come!

Our Services


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Connect with us for Academic Solutions. Even if you do not see a specific course being offered, we have designers who can develop training courses based on your area of need, content, and desired outcome. Unless you need a full-time trainer, why deal with that added overhead? We can train for you. Our Business Solutions are bar-none, customized for your company. Our Founder and Principal Consultant has a vast array of knowledge from the corporate client side, from her years and IBM, to the consultant provider side. Her expertise is incomparable. Our Consumer Solutions which include our own products, as well as several partner products, are the “fun” side of our company. We enjoy it all! Call our dedicated team of professionals today and let us know how we can serve you and your business.


Need an onsite presentation about our offerings and customizable programs? Connect with us, giving us a general idea of your request, and we can contact you about having a team member come to your site. Please note, this depends on the subject matter and scope of your request.


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