Klip’em Story

We’ve all been there. Out at an event, having fun, when all of a sudden, you have to go to the restroom. But here you are, dressed to the nines! Ladies in your lovely gowns or dress pants, men in their dressy suit pants. And the last thing you want is for your nice duds to touch the floor which maybe wet or dirty.

Enter the Klip’em to raise the hem of your garment so that it does not touch the dirty floor.

Or you may be outdoors in the rain or snow, or need to raise your sleeves for some reason.

There are so many reasons we may need to protect the edges of our garments: Restroom, riding a bike, traveling, hiking, washing dishes, cooking, and the list goes on. The Klip’em is here to “Klip your hem” so that it will be out of the way.

Another reason is safety when wearing long clothing like evening gowns. It may save you from tripping and hurting or embarrassing yourself in public.Either way, Klip’em is here to save the day.

We offer various colors, fabric, and sizes, for the many ways Klip’em makes your life a little easier and sometimes even safer. See the “Shopping” tab to find the right styles, sizes, and colors for you.