Using Klip’em is super easy! Simply slip it and klip it!

  1. Remove pair of Klip’em from the packaging.
  2. Slip Klip’em over the clothing edge that you would like to adjust, with the clothing inserted into the product.
  3. Push Klip’em the onto the clothing edge until the desired adjustment is made.
  4. To close Klip’em: allow the magnetic edges to meet (one outside the garment and the other underneath).
  5. Repeat with the other unit on other side of the garment. Klip’em is for external use only.

Please keep Klip’em out of the reach of children. Klip’em will NOT be responsible for personal injury or property damage resulting from the misuse of our products. Please use caution and common sense, and please read all safety warnings included in packaging.


When going through the airport security please remove Klip’em as the magnet may affect the sensor.