The Klip’em Team

Klip’em is a division of TrireMIS Solutions, LLC’s Consumer Solutions Area. The Klip’em Team is a winning team of consummate professionals. We are here to provide you with a great, fun, and useful product and to serve you in however way we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us about our product, services, or to share your thoughts about how we can do better.

Team Members

Our Chief Executive & Financial Officer

Stacia Morris, MBA is a diverse individual who has spent most of her professional life in finance at IBM, forming her consulting company, TrireMIS Solutions, in 2002. She has a great love for solving problems which inspired her to write Teen Money 101, a financial literacy book for young people. Throughout her life, fashion and crafts have been a constants. She has made everything from suits, dresses, and gowns to crocheted dresses and table cloths, and even a wooden lamp. She is a finance and systems professional but a multi-talented and giving individual. Stacia is a voracious reader especially of business books and magazines. Further, as a former athlete she is a serious sports fan, especially track and tennis. She has a love for educating people especially in the area of finance and entrepreneurship.


Our Chief Operations & Marketing Officer

A. Sonia Morris, MA, JD is a person of diverse talents and interests. She has traveled widely and is usually working on multiple projects. Interested in fashion since she was a teenager and now trained as an attorney, she is ecstatic to be entrusted with leadership for this wonderful product and an amazing team. Having participated in various missions trips around the world, her goal is always to find ways to improve lives. While Klip’em takes care of some very practical needs the element of fun and variety has captured her interest as they are as diverse as she is. She has authored Walking in Fulfillment of Prophetic Revelation: The Naturally Supernatural Life and Light to Pierce your Dark Night. When not working to improve the Klip’em brand, she can be found reading, writing, worshiping, or traveling.


Sales & Services & Team

Sylvia and Jozeyl make up the core sales team. These two individuals have been leaders in several areas with a vast amount of interpersonal experience and are just generally great people to know. They are assisted by others in the field who make up a great sales force. We are working with several global distributors who will be responsible for their own regions.


Managing Administrative Officer

Jackie and Susan are our star operations and finance admin team. These women are strong professionals who between them have many years of working in corporate America in various leadership roles. Over and above that they are amazing women who are a joy to be around.