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Your Money Trek is a financial consultation agency to businesses and government entities, whose President has over 25 years of providing expertise in the areas of complex project management, global leasing development, information technology, and program management organizational structure, program development and implementation.

We also provide resources and seminars for teens, young people, adults, organizations, church groups, and many educational non-profit organizations. Our books, after school programs, seminars, symposiums, lectures, and specialized teaching programs are examples of our wide array of practical program services.

Our first book ‘Teen Money 101’ is the first in a series. It was written after author, Stacia M. Morris, visited the Cayman Islands in 2007. Her friend had retired and needed help in determining her financial status. After reviewing her friend’s challenging financial picture, Morris was asked, ‘Where was this education when we were growing up?’ Thus, the first book was written for Morris’ teenage niece and nephew at the time, and everyone else who needed financial basics.

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Since then, Morris has written ‘Teen Money 101 Entrepreneurial Supplement’ and teachers’ guides for both books. The publication of Morris’ speech ‘The Global Economic And Financial Crisis and a Small Economy,’ is her fifth published work.

To all of our readers and supporters we would like to thank you. We wish you prosperity and success, wherever you are on your life’s journey. Keep learning and be open to knowledge through books, the internet, webinars, travel, and other media. To the seeker, education will come in many forms.

Here’s to your financial future! May it be bright, prosperous, and filled with many accomplishments!

What We Offer

YMT’s “Teen Money 101” Featured on ABC TV’s Magazine Show: “Here and Now.”

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