Winners With VK

Volley King believes in bringing all soccer enthusiasts to the next level of achievement through this breakthrough techonology in soccer volley training that is the Volley King. We welcome you to form part of the future in soccer training as together we grow champions, both now and in the future.


The Volley King can be used by soccer players of all levels of play. It has inherent benefits for anyone that loves to train who enjoys hitting “the meat of the ball”. That is what a perfect volley is all about, hitting the ball in the right spot while moving in the air. There are so many physiological, scientific and biomechanical factors which makes this simple to complex skill a real asset at a high level soccer. The basic volleys are: the lace volley, side volley, the Volley King however teaches the complex outside foot volley at an early level. The more complex volleys need supervision: the Unicycle one-legged , volley/overhead kick, The Bicycle/chilena, the flying sideways scissor volley, the lunge volley, outside foot swerve volley, the half volley

All players need to finesse these skills and the volley king isolates the skill so that players can get hundreds of repetitions at different heights so their body gets used to it. Volleying the ball is an art and the first country to hone in on perfecting this skill, will have an advantage. Volleying the ball percentage wise ends in the goal more often than other methods of shooting. The ball moves swiftly, accurately and precisely.The Volley King is a great training device to work on the outside foot punt technique or side volley technique. Most goalkeepers are choosing to punt this way instead of the traditional lace punt. The side volley punt is more powerful, accurate and the trajectory is more controllable. The Volley King can also be used at close range to work on goalkeeper’s technique in saving volleys. Specifically, goalkeepers can work on saving half-volleys.