Activities seen in this video were conducted in a professional, supervised setting, and were executed by professional coaches and trained athletes. Athletes depicted were both cleared to participate in strenuous sporting activities and trained in how to properly use the Volley King (“VK”). Athletes should receive permission from their doctor before utilizing the VK or participating in any strenuous athletic activities. Athletes are always advised to stretch and warm up prior to engaging in proper use of the VK and instructed to read and follow all product instructions.

The Volley King Victor Line of products depicted in this video are made from metal and designed for athletes’ ages 14 years old and above. They are intended to be used only under adult supervision. This product is not intended for use by children under the age of 14 or unsupervised use by teens under 17 years old. Children under the age of 14 years old should not use the Volley King Victor Line products.

Neither Volley King, LLC nor our manufacturers are responsible for any injuries that occur due to the misuse or unauthorized use of the product or soccer techniques noted in manuals or videos. Injuries which occur as a result of failure to comply with product warnings or without proper adult supervision or medical clearance lie solely with the individual or their guardian.

Changes and updates to the medical and product disclaimer may be made at any time by Volley King, LLC. For additional information or to read the most recent version of the Volley King medical and product disclaimer, please visit www.volleyking.com/preparation.