Tony DiCicco
Former USA National Team Coach

I am asked to endorse a lot of soccer products that come into the marketplace but unless I feel a product has something special to offer, I won’t put my name to it. The Volley King is a product that I endorse and have witnessed, first hand, how it improves a player’s ability to hit side-volley shots. In itself it won’t make the player, but it is certainly a piece of the puzzle. Try Volley King and you will see why I am excited about this product.

Chris Lyn
Marist College, Columbia University Coach
Asst. Coach Member US National Team Program Former

The Volley King, I thought was a very innovative, cutting-edge soccer tool —that is ideal for high school through college level players and professional. It’s a great opportunity to specficy the technique, striking the ball, in a controlled environment. I think it has tremendous potential to help players grow.

Kaye Lyn
Marist College
Head Women's Coach

VK is an excellent addition to the soccer training environment. In my 25+ years of playing of coaching experience, I have never seen a device that incorporates technical training for balls played out of the air. Training mechanisms such as these will allow our youth the opportunity to develop at a quicker rate because of the convenience and efficiency of the tool. Even at the collegiate level, I fully support the use of the Volley King.

The Volley King helped me quickly with my technique. I also learned to adjust my body to the right distance before I hit the ball. The product helps you with your placement; I could place the ball where I wanted to put it verses hoping for something to happen.